Benefits of Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is a very powerful tool. When used correctly Microsoft Project gives you more control and efficiency over time sensitive projects, helping you get organised, win jobs and get results.

It gets you organised

Have you ever had a tradesman turn up before you are ready for them  because other trades had taken longer than expected? Perhaps you were unable to determine early enough when you needed the next trade. This is a classic failure of a static scheduling system. Whereas with Microsoft Project, the impact on successive tasks from a delay can be immediately determined.

It wins you jobs

If you submit a tender response that contains a glossy brochure about your company and your people, and back this up with a professional Gantt Chart program, your ability to plan and manage in the eyes of a tender evaluation panel will be greater than a competing program that consists of spreadsheet with blocked-out colored cells.

It gets you results

By tracking and correctly updating your progress in Microsoft Project, you can better estimate the project delivery date and manage expectations. If the Project finish date goes beyond the Contract finish date, you will have the ability to analyse the programme to find a solution to the problem. The predecessor relationships between tasks give you power and more control over your project.

Our Microsoft Project Training is delivered by professional Project Managers who can share with you real life experiences when using the software and give you the best-practice methods of using Microsoft Project.