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Course Feedback - Microsoft Project Training

Course Feedback

Recent course feedback from our half day, 1 day and 2 day Microsoft Project Training courses, as well as reviews from our custom delivered in-house and onsite training. Leave a Review Here Half Day Microsoft Project Training for Project Managers “The course was very relevant and timely. It assumes a basic level of Microsoft Project exposure prior…


Critical Path shown within Microsoft Project

Do you know your Critical Path?

The Critical Path is the longest path through your project and determines the end date of the project. Why is it important to know where your Critical Path is? If you need to shorten your project, you need to move some tasks off the Critical Path or shorten the duration of tasks on the Critical…


What is a Gantt Chart ?

Firstly, gant chart, gaant chart, gannt chart, gant charts, ghant chart and even grantt charts are common misspellings of Gantt Chart! What is the purpose of a Gantt Chart? A Gantt Chart is a timeline chart that is used in project management to show the project’s schedule. You can see individual tasks, their durations and…


Are your Resources Underused or Overallocated?

Have you ever booked a tradesman for a job at the same time as another? Or do you know if staff are available when you want them? MS Project makes it easy for you to see if you have over booked your staff. The best approach to take is to assign people to tasks as…


Construction Project Schedules from Microsoft Project Training

How to Identify when you need more Resources

The Resource Usage view in Microsoft Project displays the work hours performed by each resource. Once you’ve linked up your tasks in order of sequence and assigned a resource to each task, your Resource Usage view will show you the work scheduled for each worker or workers. In the Resource Usage below, you can see…


Microsoft Project Training benefits

Microsoft Project Training Course

“Tap into the Wealth of information from my Many Years of Practical Experience with Microsoft Project and get Expert Advice that will take you to the next level” – Brett Anderson Microsoft Project Training –  Check our latest Course Details PERTH Feb 10 – 11, Mar 16-17 SYDNEY Feb 24 – 25 Broome  Mar 2…


Why are Project Plans in demand?

Why are Project Plans are in so much more demand now-a-days? Clients are requesting project plans more and more nowadays to reduce their risk on projects. By requesting a project plan, they are able to evaluate a company’s ability to adequately plan a project. If you can demonstrate that you can effectively plan a project,…


Benefits of Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is a very powerful tool. When used correctly Microsoft Project gives you more control and efficiency over time sensitive projects, helping you get organised, win jobs and get results. It gets you organised Have you ever had a tradesman turn up before you are ready for them  because other trades had taken longer…


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“Well presented and interactive. There was appropriate time taken with the delivery of the course content, not just flying through quickly. I am now much more confident going forward with a program that is new to me.” Contract Administrator, Pact Constructions “Very informative and well presented with additional help given as required” Bryan Lewis, Pact…


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