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Course Feedback

Recent course feedback from our half day, 1 day and 2 day Microsoft Project Training courses, as well as reviews from our custom delivered in-house and onsite training.

Course Feedback
4.9 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 22 reviews.

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Good overview in MS project, useful information, well presented. I learnt how to use MS project for better scheduling/tracking of drilling programs
- Senior Exploration Geologist

Learnt best practices & efficiencies By applying the best practices it should make our schedule easier to use. Understanding the link between fields & navigating through views & tables will make us more efficient
- Shutdown Planner/Scheduler

it has shown me how to create a schedule relevant to drilling & planning programs, and takes the notes to help for activities afterwards to act as a reminder
- Project Geologist - Resources

Was very helpful in upskilling me in my new role in the shut down planning team, using MS project. I’m now on the same pace as my colleagues
- Process Engineering Support - Mining

It cleared up some fundamentals, cleared up the use of groupings for print and view
- Planning Lead - Chemical

Was excellent course, found the level of detail to be spot on i.e., not too in-depth where I would get lost, and still stimulating enough where I was able to learn handy tricks To understand more of the icon functions on the ribbons. And understand correct scheduling techniques. Yes, correct scheduling which will mean less headaches during execution 9/10
- Maintenance Scheduler - Mining

Pace & quantity of material was great, for a new user it was easy to follow
- Project Manager - Local Govt-Engineering

Very polished. Real Coffee is a good idea I now understand how to use project properly and produce high quality project plans correctly using projects functionality 10/10
- Process Control Specialist

Excellent course given by Brett. Brett made it very easy and interesting. Awesome!! The pace was as per the audience's desire.
- Mish, Grad Engineer

I'm glad that I did MS project it was pretty impressive. The Brett wealth of knowledge in MS project. He explained every step excellent way. I'm confident that this knowledge will support in my future role.
- Paresh Gujjar

great for Project Management!

It will increase the efficiency of projects and improve our overall system as the company grows bigger
- Simone Anderson

The course will allow me to more accurately Track and Manage Projects. It will further improve our company’s image through the proper management and presentation of Project Schedules. Great clear presentations. Great content and delivery. Engaging lecture style.
- Project Engineer

Very thorough + practical, gives a great overview of the software with real use examples.
- Paul Isaac

The course has helped me in better understanding the relations in between the programme and the budget.
- Dorothy Fu

Very effective grounding on project. It embed knowledge and ensuing efficiency of the tool
- James

I found the presentation of the course very good for my first experience for an online course. is thier an advance course on line
- Sam Martino

The training was 5 star. It covered all the areas that I needed to get up and running with MS Project. The logical breakdown between tasks,sub-tasks and resourcing was first class. With these steps clearly defined the more advanced aspects to MS Project such as critical path analysis made complete sense. I recommend these courses without hesitation.
- Paul Sabatino

Course was well run, organised, informative and facilitators were very knowlegable. Completion of this course now gives me the confidence to operate Microsoft Project Software.
- Gavin Main

Thanks for the training and your patience - it was well delivered and Brett did a great job. Cheers

Very efficient and practical training. I have been a MS Project daily user for a few years and this one day training has clarified many doubts and show many faults in the way I have been using the software. Specific benefits I am applying immediately are: - Basic understanding of Views and Tables. This is not intuitive in the software and it is essential for taking advantage of the software potential. - Tracking. (approach the information gathering with the 4 questions and let the software do the work). I have been doing this incorrectly so far. - Use of resources and understanding of the 3 different types. - Use of the organiser to share formatting and customised tables. Also, the handed notes and Exercises are comprehensive and easy to understand and follow. Still lots of practice required to become a proficient user. Thank you!
- Joaquin Gelvez

My objectives were to refresh my knowledge of MS Project and learning new tracking methods. I found the course useful and all my questions were answered clearly during the course.
- Stephanie

I found it was very well structured and closely related to industry practices. I now understand scheduling and tracking in Microsoft Project. It was well taught and will assist a lot in my present role and future roles.
- Temporary Equipment Coordinator, Oil and Gas

Very Good introduction to Microsoft Project, showing very clearly what the software has to offer. Excellent connections were made throughout the course to practical situations. I am very excited to start using the approach that was presented
- Project Leader, Minerals Processing

This course was communicated in the best possible way. Instructions were clear and to have a second instructor was helpful and kept the class moving at a good speed. It should give me the capabilities ive been chasing and I was very happy with how to operate the product at the conclusion of the course.
- Chris Bridgham supervisor

Fantastic course with real life examples for each segment. I finally understand how to properly track my projects. Until now the plan was something I did at the beginning of the project and never updated… now I have the skills to assess and amend the plan throughout the entire length of the project. What a lifesaver!
- Katie, Training Coordinator

Excellent course , trainer is very knowledgeable in this field
- Fabian, supervisor

Good course to give you confidence in using the program
- Pieter, Project Engineer

I like the Step by Step approach. It gave me confidence in assessing contractor native files and the ability to create own programs
- Sarah Corderoy, Architect

Very good pace. Excellent samples. Everything I needed in building a program has been covered.
- Peter Downey, Operational Manager

Great Presentation! The course shows the key elements of Microsoft Project and how they should be used and avoided in some cases. I have gained a better understanding of Microsoft Project. In particular the information about using views and tables will be very useful in my role.
- Project Coordinator, Local Government

I have learnt much more functionality and can't wait to apply what I have learnt. Great course content and well delivered, from novice to experienced user, everyone was engaged.
- Senior Project Officer, Training

The course exceeded my expectations and I can now easily use MS Project to manage multiple Projects.
- Airport Commercial Coordinator, Local Government

Today's experience was excellent. It was a great introduction and has given me lots to go and play with. I have a much better understanding of Microsoft Projects functionality and I am now able to plan, track and report much more efficiently.
- Arid Lands Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy

What an excellent approach to teaching. I wanted to learn from scratch how to improve current practices of using project. I have definitely achieved this and can now schedule and report on projects better. I can make people accountable and clearly see impact of delays.
- Manager Infrastructure Development, Local Government

I enjoyed the course. It was a well thought out process to get all steps in course across. I needed help with laying out projects and get a better understanding. It will help a lot in my role and hopefully for future roles moving forward.
- Project/Site Supervisor, Mining/Iron Ore

Yes! Tracking and Recording the Correct Way! I now understand Tracking more thoroughly and what/how to record for EOT’s and Delay claims. Great to have examples from the industry that I could relate to.
- Project Manager, Civil Construction

I’ve been using MS Project for years and largely incorrectly for all this time! Very happy to have attended this training. Learnt to use Tables, Views, Filters, Tracking properly
- Course Attendee

Half Day Microsoft Project Training for Project Managers

“The course was very relevant and timely. It assumes a basic level of Microsoft Project exposure prior to the course which is fantastic. I now understand more advanced uses for Microsoft Project such as tracking and managing resources with time constraints.”

“Very useful course. The approach taken was excellent. I have obtained a working knowledge of Microsoft Project and will be able to assess projects more intelligently.”

“The training had very good coverage of appropriate topics. I feel I’ve learnt much more about Microsoft Project which will help in my day to day role.”

“The course contained very useful practitioner’s insight. The training will help in assessing programs for approval.”

“The course was very thorough, useful and paced well. I aimed to learn more about practical/work-relevant skills in Microsoft Project and the course has exceeded my expectations. I also learnt some very useful shortcuts for navigating the program too.”

“The training was a good overview with practical examples. I have gained a much better understanding of Microsoft Project, especially baselines (which I aimed to learn)”

“The course had good coverage of appropriate topics. I have updated my knowledge of Microsoft Project and now have a better understanding of how it fits with our current workflow.”

“This will be really useful for future work. Brett made some previously unfamiliar concepts very clear and easy to understand. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the program.”

“It was very well structured and delivered. I now understand how to review and monitor the contractors programs on a current project.”

“The training was really useful. I’m very glad I did it but also that our project managers are more informed and consistent in their approach and techniques. The training has encouraged me to be more analytical and confident when interrogating construction programs.”

“Very good presentation and format. It was a good refresher for my Microsoft Project skills. The course will help particularly with managing EOT claims and disputes.”

“The pace was good and the amount of content wasn’t too much. The presenters were friendly knowledgeable and attentive. I’m now more confident around using the software and critically analysing the construction programs.”

“The training was very worthwhile and comprehensive. I am now much greater capacity to interpret and interrogate construction programs.”

“Todays course was very informative. It gave me knowledge on a few contractual requirements that I was not aware of. The course exceeded my expectations. I now have a greater understanding of site progress on paper and the ability to supervise subcontractors.”

Public Training Feedback

“The course gave me a very systematic way of building a comprehensive project plan and being able to track the progress and implement changes as required. The course was delivered very efficiently by a deeply knowledgeable Successful Projects team. In addition to what I have learnt about the ins and outs of Microsoft Project, I found Brett’s comments to be very valuable as they illustrated different concepts using examples from his past experiences.” Research Project Leader, Research

“Todays experience was excellent. It was a great introduction and has given me lots to go and play with. I have a much better understanding of Microsoft Projects functionality and I am now able to plan, track and report much more efficiently.” Arid Lands Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy

“The course was very comprehensive and create to have the notes to refer back to. I now know where I have been going wrong and how to setup and manage my projects the most effective way. I liked the interaction and real examples we worked through to embed the learning. I can now comfortably go and setup my own plan.” Project Manager, Government

“Brilliant course. The lecturer was very clear and I would recommend to anyone. I have become much more familiar and efficient with Microsoft Project.” IT Technician, Civil and Gas / Mining

“Todays course was absolutely brilliant in every way! And such lovely staff! The course has far exceeded my goal of learning to use Microsoft Project for future employment opportunities.” Office Administration, Options21

“The course was very informative and presented a wealth of knowledge. I have a much better understanding of Microsoft Project and Project Tracking.” Project Engineer, Industrial

“I found it to be very robust and engaging throughout. I now better understand the possibilities of Microsoft Project and I’ll be able to apply this immediately to my new role. I will be the only scheduler working for multiple project managers.” Project Planner, Global Constructions Australia

“Brilliant delivery. The course was interactive and easy to follow. Notes were also provided with the course exercises. I have learnt more about the software and will be successfully able to raise and track projects easily in one system.” Service Delivery Manager, Market Creations

“Very informative, easy to follow and well presented. The course more than met my expectations, I now have a basic understanding of running an effective project.” Personal Assistant, City of Greater Geraldton

“The course was very helpful with the project outline, tables and filters. I have learnt some new shortcuts and improved my general knowledge. I will be implementing what I have learnt in my daily role.” Project Manager, Crothers Construction

“I found it to be very well presented. There was lots of information that was explained in simple terms. I have gained an insight into what Microsoft Project can do. I will now be able to assist anyone at work and/or create projects for myself.” Trainee Draftsman, Engineering/Construction

“I have learnt how to use the full functionality of Microsoft Project. It has proven to be a valuable tool for maintaining projects.” Project coordinator, City of Greater Geraldton

“Great Presentation! The course shows the key elements of Microsoft Project and how they should be used and avoided in some cases. I have gained a better understanding of Microsoft Project. In particular the information about using views and tables will be very useful in my role.” Project Coordinator, Local Government

“The course was very helpful and will be very beneficial to my role. I have learnt how to use and build schedules utilizing all of the capabilities of Microsoft Project (reporting, tracking, etc.)” Project Manager, Construction/Engineering

“Great course, very informative and not to daunting for a fundamentals course. I now feel more confident in preparing robust charts.” Airport Planner, Perth Airport

“The course was very thorough. Examples were processed through step by step to facilitate understanding. The ‘hands-on’ approach of following along on a laptop was very useful.” Environmental Approvals Coordinator, Perth Airport

“This experience has been very good. My team and I now all have an understanding that we will be able to use in order to correctly track our projects together.” PA to General Manager, Perth Airport

“Excellent course! Professional presentation with the right amount of content and speed. I’m looking forward to exploring my projects in a more thorough way.” Senior Airport Planner, Perth Airport

“Well Structured, robust introduction to Microsoft Project and its application to real scenarios. I am new to my role and will now be able to understand my project manager and apply methods and approaches taught.” Project Scheduler, Global Constructions Australia

“Very informative, extremely knowledgeable staff. Friendly, approachable presenter – not a stressful course! The course definitely exceeded my expectations and will allow me to assist the Project Managers.” Assistant Project Manager, Access Housing Australia

“The course was very resourceful and helpful. Brett was very informative and a lot of examples were based on real projects.” Project Engineer, CAPS Australia

“Excellent course for a newby to Project Management.” Manager of Strategic Projects, Shire of Capel

“Well presented and interactive. There was appropriate time taken with the delivery of the course content, not just flying through quickly. I am now much more confident going forward with a program that is new to me.” Contract Administrator, Pact Constructions

“Very informative and well presented with additional help given as required.” Bryan Lewis, Pact Constructions

“Great information on Microsoft Project showing very clearly what the software offers and how to make the best use of it. Excellent connections were made throughout the course to practical situations. I’m very excited to start using the approach that was presented.” Project Leader, Research in Minerals Processing

“The course was very helpful and had clear instructions. I’m now going to apply what I have learnt today into fixing the problems in the current projects I am working on.” Project Admin, NuLook Homes

“Well delivered, enthusiastic and professional. The course was very relevant to local government.” Executive Manager of Development, Shire of Northam

“The course provided a good foundation for understanding how the program is able to be used. I gained a much better understanding of resource management in Microsoft Project.” Project Manager, Shire of Northam

“The material presented has opened up my eyes to the power of Microsoft project.” S Budd, Endeavour Mining

“I thought it was very good. I learnt a lot and will be able to use it in everyday tasks.” Gavin Armstrong, Contract Admin

“The course was very well structured and closely related to the industry practices. It was very well taught and will assist me a lot in my present and future roles in the oil and gas and construction industries.” Hassan, Woodside Energy

“I found the course to be informative and easy to follow. It has assisted me with new skills which I can bring across to my business.” Commercial Administrator, UGL

“Very well structured and it was easy to follow. The course has enabled me to look forward and plan an upcoming project.” Manufacturing Specialist (Project Advisor), Australian Red Cross Blood Service

“The Course gave me a more holistic view of Microsoft Project as well as a better general understanding.” Offshore Quality Technical Assistant, Inpex

“Great course, it was very thorough and I learnt a lot. I have gained a better knowledge of Microsoft Project and how to track jobs.” Director, Roberts Plumbing and Contracting

“It has been an excellent 2 days. The content was relevant and well delivered and presented. My expectations have been met and I will be using this information to help standardize and ensure consistency within my team.” Construction Manager, CPD Group

“I think that the course was very well run and very detailed. It gives me a very good knowledge of Microsoft Project.” Scheduler, Construction and Mining

I found the course to be very interactive with working examples which helped to make the information easier to remember. I can now put a program together myself correctly and not fall into the traps of incorrect reporting.” Contract Administrator, Pact Construction

“The material was easy to follow and relevant. I can now use Microsoft Project as a tool for tracking projects and resolving disputes.” Contract Administrator, CPD Group

“Very helpful on my current work and relevant to scheduling works in the future.” Project Engineer, Mining/Construction

“I think it was very helpful, clear and instructions were precise. What I have learnt will be very helpful in my day to day role.” Administrator, Residential Construction

“Very Good introduction to Microsoft Project, showing very clearly what the software has to offer. Excellent connections were made throughout the course to practical situations. I am very excited to start using the approach that was presented.” Project Leader, Minerals Processing

“Well presented and interactive. The time taken with the delivery of the course content was well paced without flying through too quickly. I am much more confident going forward with a program that is new to me.” Contract Administrator, Commercial Construction

“The Course opened up my eyes to the power of Microsoft Project. I now feel a lot better using the software” Project Manager, Mining Construction

“I found it was very well structured and closely related to industry practices. I now understand scheduling and tracking in Microsoft Project. It was well taught and will assist a lot in my present role and future roles.” Temporary Equipment Coordinator, Oil and Gas

“The course was very informative and would I love a second day.” Tourism, Local Government

“I thought it was well run, useful and applicable to local governments. The course provides a good foundation for understanding how Microsoft Project is able to be used.” Project Manager, Local government

Feedback from Construction

“Well presented. I now have a better knowledge of EOT’s and Tracking Progress. Detailed very well to ECC presented. I now have a better knowledge of EOT’s and Tracking Progress. Detailed very well to ECC requirements.” Project Manager, Construction

“I now understand the correct way to do Tasks, understand Resourcing, EOT and JOD better.” Contracts Administrator, Construction

“One of the best, most active and involving training courses I’ve been on. I have learnt to use MP accurately and correctly requirements.” Project Manager, Construction

“I now understand Microsoft Project and am able to utilise it more efficiently. The course was very useful, well explained and it addressed common problems.” Project Manager, Construction

“Excellent – Very focused on areas rarely touched on in similar courses. I have now learned about Statusing and Progress of Projects.” Project Manager, Construction

“The course met my expectations and will further my skills in using projects and administering the contract.” Project Manager, Commercial Construction

The course exceeded my expectations. I need to put it into practice immediately as it will help me assist in Planning Projects.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“I have a better understanding of the system, especially Delay and EOT’s and Gantt Tracking.” Senior Project Manager, Construction

“Well to its full potential.” Contract Admin, Construction

“I have refreshed my skills and learnt how to assist with EOT submissions. It became obvious that MP is a Project Management tool, not just a reference.” Building Coordinator, Construction

“The training surpassed expectation! It will help with my current role and I have a desire to learn more about the programme and its uses.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Very well delivered and insightful. Made Project very understandable and not as complex as it looks. The course met and exceeded the objective. It will assist in day to day running of the current project and will encourage updates.” Building Coordinator, Construction

“I can now understand and use MS Project effectively. I’m looking forward to being able to interact with current Project programs efficiently.” Contracts Administrator, Commercial Construction

More public training feedback

“I wanted to gain a good working knowledge of MS Project. I feel this course will have a huge impact on my day to day routine and will be hugely beneficial.” Assistant Project Manager, Civil Construction

“I will now be able to start a Master Plan from scratch and Track the Project.” Project Administrator, Higher Education

“Extremely Informative, opens up a whole new way of Managing our Business. I now understand MS Project and how to Track our Projects better.” Operations Manager, Construction

“Excellent! I learnt the correct techniques and methods of Programming. It will assist me in Tracking and writing Look Ahead Programmes.” Site Supervisor, Construction

“Very Informative! I can now develop Programmes from scratch and also link Programmes to Cashflows.” Project Manager, Construction

“I improved my knowledge of Tracking and Resourcing in MS Project. This will help me Track Delays and more accurately Forecast.” Site Manager, Civil Construction

“I wanted to learn about Reporting on Projects and now I have the confidence to create, update and provide these Reports.” Executive Assistant, Financial

“I gained enough confidence to be able to create a Project Plan for a variety of situations. I feel I have enough knowledge and understanding of the Program to apply it to my job.” Assistant Development Manager, Property Development

“The training taught me the full range of options within the programme. It will make my programming more efficient.” Construction Manager, Commercial Construction

“I learnt how to implement a major work project. I will now be able to develop the Project Plan to guide the City’s merger.” Project Officer, Local Government

“I learnt how to use Project easily and confidently and apply much needed info to each job.” Project Supervisor, Painting

“I have learnt the Essentials of Microsoft Project and Best Practice in setting up Projects.” Administration Manager, Earthmoving and Mining

“I can use MS Project to assist in better Planning and Tracking. Also Cost Control and Cost Forecasting.” Project Manager/Project Engineer, Civil Construction

“Brilliant!! The course will allow me to more accurately Track and Manage Projects. It will further improve our company’s image through the proper management and presentation of Project Schedules. Great clear presentations. Great content and delivery. Engaging lecture style.” Project Engineer, Hydrocarbons/Mining

“I will now be able to plan jobs and costings as well as help with Time Lines in Job Planning. Very interesting, very helpful and very easy to folllow.” Workshop Supervisor, Marine Maintenance

“The training will assist me in managing work not completed and accrue costs and revenue to meet board reports. Well worth the course!” Administrator, Oil and Gas

“The course has shown me a straight forward Tracking procedure as to how to follow through and update correctly.” Project Manager, Construction – Commercial

“I have a greater understanding of how to use the software correctly, so I now understand the mistakes I have been making.” Lead Implementation Engineer, Oil and Gas

“The training has provided me with practical knowledge in using Microsoft Project.” Development Manager, Mining

“I learnt how to use Microsoft Project so now I can apply skills to our current Project Plan. Great Course, well run and it was great to have the notes already prepared for everything we covered.” Senior Events Co-ordinator, Events

“Yes! Tracking and Recording the Correct Way! I now understand Tracking more thoroughly and what/how to record for EOT’s and Delay claims. Great to have examples from the industry that I could relate to.” Project Manager, Civil Construction

“I needed to be able to create Schedules for tendering. I can do this now and have the basic knowledge on managing the schedule too.” Project Support, Mining Construction

“The knowledge I gained will greatly assist in Planning, Estimating and Costing. Relevant, Logical and Patient Lecturer! ” Operations Manager, Mining Construction

“This will make the new system for resourcing a million times easier!” Administrative Assistant, Architecture and Interiors

“I will now be able to develop Programs to Manage our Resources, ie. own staff and sub-contractors. I will now be able to know how to identify claims etc.” Architect

“The knowledge gained from this course will assist me with improved management and control of Projects. Cost efficient use and maximising use of product.” CIO, Finance

“I am now more proficient in some of the more advanced functions of MS Project. This will allow easier Tracking and Planning of Projects.” Development Manager, Financial Services

“The course was very informative. Many aspects shown that I was not aware of before. Very Interactive.” Project Manager, Construction

“I will now be able to produce better quality reports for better presentation to Clients and internally.” Project Manager, Construction

“I have gained a deeper understanding of the software. Fantastic! Very well explained and delivered by Brett.” Project Manager, Construction

“I can now get rid of my bad habits!” Project Manager, Construction

“I have learnt correct Planning and Tracking. This will assist me in effective Planning and Management of Project processes.” Project Manager, Construction

“I understand the potential of the software. It will save time, money and effort.” PM Scheduler, Construction

“The course has given me the knowledge to use Project in my work for future projects.” Project Coordinator, Construction

“I wanted to revise and update my knowledge. I have learnt much more functionality and can’t wait to apply what I have learnt. Great course content and well delivered, from novice to experienced user, everyone was engaged.” Senior Project Officer, Training

“I now understand what Project is used for and how to Track and Plan Projects within my organisation.” Aboriginal Development Officer, Employment and Training

“I wanted to gain a better understanding of all the tools that Microsoft Project offers. The course met my expectations and now I can build a Program and Track it.” Project Manager, Construction

“Well presented, Great clarity, Extremely good course, Easy to recommend.” Lecturer, Training

“I was looking for a baseline understanding and working knowledge and its application to projects, regardless of industry. I can now clearly source, plan and deliver more effective training to my clients. Awesome presenter, knowledgeable and patient. The real world examples were priceless. Will highly recommend Brett.” Business Development Coordinator, Training

“I understand what MS Project is! I will utilise it in most tasks and jobs. The course was very easy to understand and follow.” Administration/Accounts, Construction

“Brilliant, easy flow, relevant. I can now develop an intricate project plan.” Project Manager, Medical/IT

Very interesting and helpful towards building a better understanding of Scheduling Projects and Tracking Progress. I will apply this knowledge to my current Projects.” Contracts Admin, Construction

“I am now able to produce Reports, perform Tracking and Look Aheads. The course content was applicable to industry and tailored for the group.” Contracts Admin, Construction

“Simplified and industry focused. I gained a greater knowledge of Resourcing, Analysing and Reporting so now I can implement and use.” Contracts Manager, Commercial Construction

“Relevant to actual day to day use. I am now able to track my Schedules.” Contracts Admin, Construction

“The course helped me with Resource Levelling, some new tricks and how I can check my Plans.” Junior Estimator, Construction/Mining

“Very Good! From someone who had no knowledge it is now a tool I understand and can use. I can now guide my team members to use the MS Project correctly.” Construction Superintendent, Construction

“The training helped me to understand MS Project and enabled me to assist and create Programs and Track current Projects. Brett (the trainer) delivers and explains all aspects of the software and its capabilities in a way to clearly understand.” Project Coordinator, PM & Consulting

“Very Good! I learnt some tricks and how to properly do Reporting and Resourcing.” Construction Manager, SMP Construction

“I have a good initial understanding of MS Project, which I will build on by using it for minor projects, whilst dedicated staff will use it for larger projects.” Regional Manager, Transport & Logistics

“The course is really hands on, which I found helped to absorb, retain and relate information to the workplace.”

“This well presented training gave me clear and useful information on how to use the full functionality of MS Project. It will improve the efficiency of Programming in my role.” Estimator, Construction

“The advanced training in this course will help me in my day to day Tracking of Projects.” Project Manager, Construction

“The course has improved my Tracking and Re-Scheduling.” Project Manager, Construction

“Great balance of real world examples, not just how to use the software.” IT Consultant

“Refreshing, Informative and clear in delivery. The training will improve my PM delivery.” Project Manager, Project Management Consulting

“It will help in building and refining the project plan for our current project. It will also enable Management to have a better outlook of the project.” Commercial Analyst, Hydrocarbon Recycling

“I wanted to gain some knowledge of how to best use MS Project, now I can go away and start creating a schedule for our current project.” Branch Manager, Oil Recycling

“I have now mastered MS Project. The course couldn’t have been any better.” Project Civil Engineer, Oil and Gas

“Very Intuitive! I will now be able to better allocate my resources.” Project Manager, Mining

“I now have a better understanding on creating gantts for Shuts, as well as obtaining reports.” Shutdown Planner, Mining

“It will make my job of tracking our shuts a lot easier. Very well run course, pace was made to suit everyone’s MS Project experiences.” Shutdown Scheduler, Mining

“The course made MS Project very simple to use, and practical.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“It Shined a light as to how easy and practical MS Project really is! I gained practical knowledge on how to Schedule, Plan and Track a Project in order to support Project Managers and Team Members. The course was perfect! I will encourage others to use the tool and see the benefits.” Engineering, Quality Assurance

“It will assist in preparing Programmes on new work and enable me to  prepare Programmes in support of Claims.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“I have now learnt how to use MS Project quite efficiently and will be able to use MS Project to assist Managers in Project Planning.” Project Coordinator, Blood Service

“I have learned to use Project ‘properly’ and have gained skills to use Project in a more efficient way. Very good, caters to all levels.” Estimation/Scheduler, Construction

“The course gave me an understanding of Project and how to apply it to my work. It will save time with the client and give a professional presentation.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Good coverage on the aspects of using MS Project in Construction Management. I am now able to use MS Project  better and it will also provide me with more accurate Forecasting and Problem Avoidance.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Fantastic insight and knowledge about MS Project. It will assist me with Future Programmes.” Assistant Estimator, Commercial and Mining Construction

“Thorough walk through of MS Project capabilities at a good starter level. It will assist me in greater Planning and Scheduling of Projects and Tasks.” Project Development Engineer, Roads

“Very helpful for current and future roles. Very informative, well presented and great content.” Environmental Management Officer, Roads/Constructiton

“I have learnt the whole process of Creating, Planning and Tracking Progress and Cost. I will be applying this to the 2 week look ahead to keep Supervisors on track.” Site Engineer, Civil Construction Roads

“I found out where ‘Wizard’ format had gone as well as learning a few extra tricks. Excellent and well presented.” Senior Project Manager, Construction

“The course has assisted in Planning my Projects, Evaluating/Reviewing Contractor’s Programs and also Contract Management. Very good course for anyone involved in Delivering and Managing Projects.” Project Manager, Construction Roads

“I feel confident that I will be able to use MS Project to Manage my Projects.” Project Manager, Main Roads

“I learnt the functionality of MS Project to work out the benefits it could offer me at work. It will help me analyse other peoples Projects/Proposals and Plan my work.” Project Coordinator Contribution Schemes, Local Government

“The course gave me a more in depth knowledge of the Programme. It will enable me to Track Programmes and Events.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Very Good. Gave me in depth detail of MS Project.” Contracts Admin, Construction Commercial

“I learnt the tools in MS Project, it will assist in Project Scheduling and Resource Planning. Exciting, Fun and Value-adding.” Signals Engineer, Rio Tinto Iron Ore

“I can now Track my Jobs comfortably. Excellent course, easy to understand and follow.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“I learnt to use Project to its full capabilities. My role will become a lot easier with planning Service Technicians Work Scopes.” Service Coordinator, Oil and Gas

“I can now see all the functionality I was missing out on! It will help our department be a lot more organised and integrate us better with other work groups.” Administrative Geologist, Mining/Exploration

“The course enabled me to efficiently create Schedules for my own Resourcing and Scheduling of Projects I am managing. Really informative, gave a good understanding of the true functionality of MS Project.” Graduate Signals Engineer, Railway Engineering

“I will be better placed to Manage Projects from here on in.” Signal Engineer, Mining

“The course was very interesting and insightful. It gave me a better understanding of how Project can be used to Program, Plan and Track work.”  Project Manager, Road Construction and Maintenance

“I gained good confidence with the software.  I will be able to use Project to keep a better record on future jobs and events.” Project Manager, Construction

“Excellent and Informative. It will provide me with better Project Reporting ability.” Tech Services Manager, Civil Engineering

“Clear concise methodology. Presented by knowledgeable presenter. An excellent course. Highly recommended.” Project Manager, Building Construction

“I  now have a much better understanding and idea about how to use it in my role.” Project Manager, Road Maintenance/Construction

“I wanted to get a handle on the software better and understand the workings. The course has allowed me to better interrogate Plans and develop Plans.” Procurement and Budget Coordinator, Construction


“I learnt how to integrate MS Project into my current practices.” Fleet Support Officer, Local Government

“I came to refresh my skills but I learnt so much more!  The course exceeded my expectations and I can now easily use MS Project to manage multiple Projects.” Airport Commercial Coordinator, Local Government

“This course gave me great insight into MS Project, I can see it is a great resource.” Manager Governance and Organisation Strategy, Local Government

” I will be able to use this software immediately. I will no longer have to manually track through Excel!” Manager Partnerships, Local Government

“Now I will be using MS Projects for all my Projects.” Project Officer, Local Government

“Now that I have learned the basics, I can now progress from Excel.” Club Development Officer, Local Government

“I enjoyed the course as I hadn’t been through the intricacies of creating a Schedule and assigning resources, formatting or anything. Now I’ll be able to plan Schedules for my projects.” Local Government

“The course took me beyond the basic knowledge of MS Project.” Coordinator Works and Technical Services, Local Government

“It was well structured to maximise the use of MS Project. It was targeted to us at good pace.” Airport Building coordinator, Asset Contract Management

“Very informative and well structured. Easy to follow. MS Projects will be utilised in current & future records projects. It will enable me to plan & structure my projects.” Records Coordinator

“Excellent – Very informative. I really appreciated the strong knowledge of the presenter. I learnt a more efficient way of using MS Project. Thank you.” Building Maintenance, Planning Assets

“It was Interesting; Valuable; Easy to Absorb.” Network Adminstrator, ICT

“The course was very well presented. It was very informative & I feel very confident that I will be able to apply everything that I’ve learnt to my role. I wanted to know how to be better and more efficient & effective in managing projects. The training was above expectations. I would recommend it to all my team members.” Airport Office Supervisor

“Worth while. Well Timed.” Project Manager

“Very well presented and explained. Made it seem very easy. Well Structured.” Project Officer

Easy to follow and definitely helpful –  from no knowledge  to feeling confident in building a project. I learnt a lot in one day and the notes seem easy to follow if I need a refresher.” Project Administration Officer

“Was detailed and ran at a good pace. Even for someone who is completely new to MS Projects!” Project Officer

“The course was very interactive, in turn was very informative. Far from textbook style which is great!” Project Admin

“It was well delivered. Easy to follow. Presenter very knowledgeable and left no questions unanswered. I was using only for basic tasks but now I will use to allocate resources and tracking.” Project Manager

“The course has helped improve processes for creating MS Projects. I now have greater understanding to extent of MS Project.” Project Manager


“Very good. Lecturer was very clear and concise with everything which made it easy to take in and learn. Course was well structured. The training will assist in my every day role.” Contracts Adminiistration, Commercial Construction

Good information, presentation and practical examples. It will help me tracking progress and resources for my projects.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“The course has made it easier to use the tool. I needed to better forecast short term projection and achieved that.” Site Supervisor, Construction

“Allows better management of programming.” Site Manager, Construction

“Informative, Interesting, Clear, Concise. I will be able to assist the project manager to complete a construction program.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Excellent course. I will be able to create and update construction programmes.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Great knowledge and relevance. It will assist with Tracking and Resource Allocation.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Excellent Content. Alot to learn and examples helped. It will definitely assist in my role. I learnt how to properly utilise functions and how to track progress.” Civil Engineer, Mining

It was very structured. Pace was good with good pointers and tips. I learnt indepth about PM software tools and to be skilled. This will help in differentiating myself with other PM’s.” IT

“To me it was very informative and descriptive. Individual attention was good in this 2 day course.” Graduate Communications Engineer, Radio Communications

It was informative, clear and 100% beneficial to my job. I wanted to be improve my skills and it enabled me to create long term schedules and track projects/shutdowns.” Fleet Maintenance Planner, Mining

“I got a good overview of MS Project and it will allow me to plan more effectively.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“The course gave me all the info on all required. It has further my understanding at putting a program together.” CA, Construction

“I now understand how to use the software to benefit from it.” Contract Admin, Building

“Informative, extremely beneficial and will recommend to other colleagues. I needed a refresher to become more confident using MS Project. I will be able to assist my Project Manager to complete the weekly programme.” CA, Construction

“The course was very worthwhile and will assist in many aspects of my current role.” Contracts Administrator, Commercial Building

“The course was informative and inviting. It has helped me with tracking and resourcing plans.” Contracts Administrator, Commercial Construction.

“I can now plan my projects moving forward and have a better appreciation of programs by others.” Contact Administrator, Construction

“I have furthered my knowledge in project and can track progress on site more accurately.” Contracts Administrator

“I gained good working knowledge and understanding of project. I’m equipped to better manage and track projects.” Project Officer, Local Government

“What an excellent approach to teaching. I wanted to learn from scratch how to improve current practices of using project. I have definitely achieved this and can now schedule and report on projects better. I can make people accountable and clearly see impact of delays.” Manager Infrastructure Development, Local Government.

“Excellent introduction into the function of Microsoft Project. Presenter (Brett) and assistant (Greg) both had comprehensive and practical knowledge of software and its capability. I was able to setup projects from scratch without having to use old gantt charts as a basis. And it assisted me further with planning and tracking of projects.” Phil Vosbergen, Engineer, Mining, Port Hedland Port Authority. PHPA

“The course covered a wider range of MS Project. I wanted to setup the structure of Project and apply more functions of the program. After the course, I could setup project and complete it properly and learned multiple functions.” Project Manager, Civil Construction, Leighton Contractors

“I learnt the correct way of using the software… better tracking and levelling etc.” Port Civil Engineer, Port Hedland Port Authority. PHPA

“I enjoyed the course. It was a well thought out process to get all steps in course across. I needed help with laying out projects and get a better understanding. It will help alot in my role and hopefully for future roles moving forward.” Joel McElroy, Project/Site Supervisor, Mining/Iron Ore, RCR resources

“It was a very informative and hands on course, well taught. I wanted to learn what project can do and all the tips and tricks to fully understand why things are done the way they are. Going forward with new schedules, I’ll be able to manage much better as I understand how a schedule should operate and look.” Project Officer, Railway

“Very informative – Trainer was very knowledgeable in all aspects of project and was very clear + concise in his delivery of the training. All questions answered easily. I have a much better understanding of project and it gives me more of a chance to further my career.” Supervisor, Mining

“The course was very informative and well setout. I wanted to understand Microsoft Project and its function and capability. It helped me better navigate project, prepare Gantt Charts and distribute work flow as required.”  Track Maintenace Shut Planner, Mining

“It was very useful and helpful to get a overall view of how to apply in project management.” M Chandler, Resource Advisor, Mining Rail

“It was well setout and easy to follow along. I wanted to refresh my skills and it helped with planning works/projects, providing good look ahead and make planning easier.” Rhys Glasson, Civil Planner, Rail, RTIO

“The course was well paced, gave good examples. I can walk away with using Project to make plans/Gantts.” Joel, Track Maintenance Planner, Mining, RIO

“Project is used extensively in my role. I wanted to learn how to setout a well presented and prepared Gantt Chart. I learnt alot and it was easy to follow.” Senior Planner, Iron Ore

“Easy to Follow and gave good understanding of key project concepts. I gained a better understanding of how to use Project from scratch and for projects and tenders” Matthew, Contracts Administrator – Commercial Construction

“I gained better knowledge and the Project Management side of my job will benefit.” Shane Finnerty, CA – Construction

“It was very clear. I will start to use project to organize my work and track projects.” Building Designer and Coordinator, SOS Services

“The course was easy to understand. I wanted to gain an initial grasp on using project and now I will be applying what I’ve learned to schedules immediately!” Project Engineer – Civil Construction

I wanted to develop a good overall understanding of how to effectively build a project schedule from the ground up. Now I will be applying the skills to better plan project tasks and the involvement from stakeholders that I directly interface with.” Callum Young, Signals Engineer, Mining & Rail

“Excellent, the support people were very attentive and kept the fluid progress. The notes are well structured.”

“It was really enjoyable and very practical. The Facilitator was knowledgeable and very experienced. I will break old habits and be more efficient at using the software. I learnt other useful features too. It will assist all my other schedules and tracking of assigned projects and tasks.” Systems Engineer, Mining

“It was really well delivered, relevant and easy to follow. I wanted to ensure I was using it correctly and to the best of its capabilities. I will ask PMs to use it more so I can extract more out of it.” Project Accountant, Technology.

“I gained further detailed knowledge and gives me a better understanding of what can be achieved in Microsoft Project 2010. It was well presented with detailed knowledge”.  Brad Wright,Project Manager/ Engineer, Oil & Gas/Mining

“Great to remove bad habits. Had good pace and examples.” Construction Manager, Commercial Building

A very professional well run course with strong focus on user participation. I wanted to gain better skills and understanding of Microsoft Project. The course has given me the skills to better the outcomes from schedules that are in my profile.” Project Supervisor, Rio Tinto, Mining

“I wanted to become more efficient and learn to use the software properly. The course was clearly explained and make the learning easy. I am now confident to use software and will be more efficient.” CA Construction
“Very Good – NO – I mean Excellent. I improved my ability and it will help to improve client requirements.” Project Coordinator, Construction

“I learned to Track projects properly. I can now stop butchering my program.” CA Construction

“I wanted to get a better understanding of MS Project and to update my 15 schedules! Now, I can update my schedules properly and report to management effectively. Its saving time by doing schedules properly!” Project Advisor, Mining

“Good course, definitely recommend to my colleagues to do it. The training will assist in preparing programmes and schedules. Tracking is a common task.” Contract Administrator, Construction

“Very relevant
Easy to Follow
Good info
I wanted to be more efficient at Project and now I am quicker at creating programs and will print and format properly.” Contract Administrator, Construction.

“The whole training was useful. Very well presented and explained. It will assist in Planning, Tracking, Resource Management and Client Communication.” Logistics Coordinator, Oil & Gas

The techniques taught in Tracking will allow me manage the schedule. And better communicate Planned vs Actual to key stakeholders.” Rebuild Project Supervisor

“It will help me out in Estimating, Tracking, Budgeting, Resourcing & Reporting”. Bill Down, Project Manager

“I found the Filters and Custom Filters, Calendars and Reporting useful” to advance my skills. Planning Specialist, Rio

Hands on, Step by Step guidance – really useful, with clear instructions and patient trainers! I will use for Resource Management, Action Tracking, Quality Assurance Schedules and Development Planning.” Technical Assistant, Inpex

“The most valuable part for me was Learning how to link tasks properly. It wil help me in Setting up a more logical project plan that everyone can use.” Project Coordinator, UGL

“The most valuable part was learning how-to setup a Gantt Chart with correct links, headings and resource allocations. It was really useful for client communication.” George Hopkins, Design Engineer

“Absolutely fantastic! Useful for Planning, Budgeting and Tracking, Organising”. Divina EHSIS

“Was a good overview on how to budget track and update the progress of a series of projects. Great for Tracking Projects, Budgeting and Time management resource.” Sharon

“Great training, it helped a lot in understanding MS Project. I think it will help me stand out at my workplace with these skills.” EHSIS

“Great start to Projects. Think it is very useful. Definitely has the ‘WOW’ factor. I will use for Budgeting and Resource Management.” KLC

Really informative, useful & applicable to work practices for Planning Tracking and Sharing Project info” KAMSC

“Very clear instructions, Interesting, Very useful program and look forward to using in my day to day work.” Candice Laurence, KAMSC

“”The course clarifies what seems a complicated program” Karl, KAMSC

“Very informative; Well presented; Practical; hands on. The whole package will be very useful. All info was very clear and very well presented.” KAMSC

“The course is very informative, Gets you thinking about so much more. The Planning and Tracking will be most useful, closely followed by Resources with Costings.” KAMSC

Excellent. I thought I knew  a fair bit about the software but I am now much more confident and my knowledge has grown exponentially!” City of Armadale

“Excellent course – the preparation that was put into the exercises made them really useful in teaching the concepts. Great to have a presenter that was a genuine expert in the software. I’ll incorporate everything I was taught in the course.” Craig McManus, Cristal

“Course was very well presented and explained thoroughly step by step. Very Good / Excellent Action Tracking & Resourcing.” anon

“Well laid out course covering a very large amount of information on MS Project and gave very good overview of what can be done for Planning, Resources management and Gantt Chart layouts.” Jim, St Barbara

Excellent. Logical, concise & relevant to our Project Management requirements – Planning, Tracking, Resource Management, Reporting.” Stuart Young, Permacast

“Effective delivery;
Easy to understand;
Easy to navigate manuals;
Practical examples;
Instructor highly experienced.
Useful for Tracking, Cost control, Resource management for multiple projects, Communication (Internal & External)” Tatiana – Golder Associates

I’ve been using MS Project for years and largely incorrectly for all this time! Very happy to have attended this training. Learnt to use Tables, Views, Filters, Tracking properly.”

“Excellent. Will send others from my organisation” Cavey Developments

“Concise and to the Point;
Taught in manner which makes it applicable to any field;
Real life examples used to explain concepts;
Learned more about MS Project in one day than I did in 12 years in industry!
Tracking accurately and Cashlow generation was very useful.” Anon

“Brilliant! Very well Structured and Delivered” Horizon Power

“Great, Lots of insight imparted. Covered a lot of material – fast moving – but I still followed everything well. It was very well presented.” Steve Charley

“Very well presented and explained, Examples were current and industry related. Overall, very professional.”

Really Good. Very Useful. It was key for Tracking – Ideal for Project Management.” Cameron Rowlands, MCore Services

“Microsoft Project is a wide/difficult software with multiple functionalities. But Brett & Anna have put the course in such a way that we could understand it very well. The different examples and exercises done were useful and I am pretty confident to deal with MS Project now.” Abin Benny, Radlink Communications

“I have learnt something new from every part of the day and really wish I had done the course sooner. It’s been superb; very useful & practical. Thank you” Kat Southall, CSIRO

“Easy to follow, Clear instructions and Good insight into what Project can do. This covered everything I needed to know for my area of work.” Sanpro Construction

“I now know a whole lot more quick and easy ways to get started and continue. I wanted the confidence to use MSP and now I have that – Thanks! Outcome achieved.” Angela Pearson

“Excellent tailored course, good level of information and very practical. Good way to get project managers who are working on small capital or sub projects empowered to plan and track effectively. Brett’s past experiences and recommendations for Planning and Tracking were very useful.” Nina, Chevron Australia

“This course is very well structured and brilliantly delivered in a personalized manner. The content was very relevant and skills will be applied immediately. I was once afraid of MS Project, now I am in a position to use it to its potential. Useful for Scheduling, Resource Planning, Master Project management (5 mini projects) and calculating overheads etc.” Jill, Chevron


“Excellent – Great Content, Delivery & Relevance! Everything was useful. Sorry I can’t be more specific but it’s true.” John Waller

“Great presentation & support with 3 presenters. A very practical application of the tool from people that use it!  Excellent for Planning, Tracking, Resource Management, Client Communications. John Dennys

“Awesome! I think this will help to streamline our Project Management once I am proficient with Project. Will make my job easier and more organised! Thank you!”

“Very informative and well structured course. Got alot out of it. All aspects were useful. I’m in a Capital Project Management role and therefore this course was invaluable to me and will enable me to execute my work a whole lot better.

“Unreal – I had 0% idea about project yesterday morning . Now I can comfortably have a go at planning a Shut.”

“I found it very good, in particular “keep it simple” and plenty of classroom support.”

“Very well organised, great knowledge of the project – all in all – more than I expected. Planning and Tracking is useful but overall I have a clear understanding and ability to read Gantt Charts properly.”

“Very good – project will be a very useful tool for me. I think it gave me all the skills I need to use it for Project Planning, Tracking Resources and Budgeting.”

“Well sequenced. Well presented. Clear revision. Excellent delivery and support from Brett and David.” Georgi Dennys

“Very good for our Scheduling, Reporting and Tracking of our Shutdowns. Well setout and delivered with excellent support.”

“Very relevant – Answered alot of questions which has stumped me for a fair while.” Andrew Job

“I thought it was wonderful, enjoyable, practical and well presented/facilitated. All was useful – particularly Master Project. It was one of the best courses I’ve been to of this kind … no actually, it was the best!” Matt Russell

“Good tool to use. I will find it very useful for Shutdowns. Planning of tasks will be alot easier.” M Davies

“Great course. Taught me alot about Project .” Ed Wellham


“Very well structured, prepared and presented course. The entire course content was useful.” Brendan

“Fantastic. Really Happy.” Geidi

“Excellent! Definitely one of the best courses I have ever done. Well paced, Well delivered by Brett. Enjoyed it!” Jimmy Spahic – Barrick – Lawlers (Shutdown Planning)

“Great course – Realised what I was doing wrong with entering %Complete and not looking at duration. Learnt alot from this course; Totally recommend it.”

“Good course that outlines the main and best used features on MS Project for Planning, Tracking, Resource Management and Reporting.” Milos Zdravic

“Very well run course at exactly the correct pace. Step by step. Understanding of how the software works – really useful.” St Barbara

“Great stepping stone for Tracking, Multiple projects and how to start working and applying to our works” Caps Australia

“Well presented – easier to follow because true to life examples were used and we were all able to take part in discussions.” Brian Duffy, Specialised Reline Service

“Anyone who has MS Project should STOP and do this course. Your planning productivity will go through the roof!” Bedilu Wolelo

“The course was well run and very informative. Well done. Planning and Tracking will be very useful.”A Giardina

Simple, Concise, Easy to understand/follow. Captured everything a student needed to know about using the actual software. Gave practical uses of Planning, Estimating, Budgeting, Resource Management, Report making both for Client and Upper Management” Donnel Contrano, Jetcrete Oz

“Content = Excellent || Presentation + Delivery = Excellent || Delivery of Information = Logical and simple. Will be able to apply in the workplace easily for Planning/Tracking/Resource Management.” Murray Engineering

“It’s been a very worthwhile 2 days. Well presented and I learnt alot.” Craig Shales, Murray Engineering

“Very informative and will give me some ideas to improve our scheduling/planning for our workshop” Murray Engineering

“Very well designed, well thoughtout and planned. It was educational and informative. And easy to follow. I will use for Tracking, Resource Management, as a Tool to show client, and added tool for presentations.” Ken Leembruggen

I believe the course was concise to what was needed to break old habits and learn new ways to make planning more simple and manageable. The one on one issue solving worked a treat. Improved my Resource Management and Tracking.” Byrnecut Mining

“The course was informative, communicated well & professional run. It was an Information Packed two day course. I believe all areas will be useful, however, Tracking shall be particularly useful.” Quattro Project Engineering

“Excellent presentation with format easily understood for Planning Resourcing and Tracking.”

“I found the course Amazingly useful! And the way it was delivered was just awe!” Samuel Gebregerghish

“Well presented, informative and relevant for Planning, Tracking and Resource Management.” Neil DeTisi Carnegie Wave Energy

Good value for money – Well presented – Presented very proficient – Very hands on. Highly recommended. I will use for Project Cash Flow, Tracking, Resource Allocations and Resource Pooling.” Clint Inwood, Horizon Power

“The course is very well run and informative. Useful to me in Time management, Tracking the whole development process.” anon

Very well presented, have gathered alot of useful information out of this course which will be used for our Outage Schedules, particularly in Tracking, Communication and Correct Project Setup.” Justin Macdonald BHP Nickelwest

“Very helpful, will assist in removing my bad habits and help me track my projects properly.” Brett Heslin, Kounis Metal Industries

“Brett has good communication and is well spoken. Answered questions as they arise. Good in Planning, internal and external communication, Master Project (using multiple projects) Formatting Reports.” Annette Johnson, Bristow Group

It’s a very helpful course in today’s construction and mining industry – for Building Construction Programme, Project Management and Tendering.” REL

“Very good information relevant to the workplace. Useful tips for easier usage. Good interaction with program for Tracking, Budgeting and Planning.” Starr Structures

“I learnt a lot. Will use in Planning, Resource Management and to Manage Multiple Project Stages.” Landgate

“Course was very thorough and comprehensive for Planning, Tracking and Communication with Key Stakeholders.” Ron Brand

“Well presented course. A lot of discussion and hands on approach. I now have alot better understanding of Project 2010. I benefited from the plans I drafted and produced in class.”

Very informative and course material was easily presented for someone who hasn’t used the software before. Good in Tracking Projects and Organising various projects to run over a 7 year period.” Shire of Capel

“Very good content and plenty time to ask questions. Useful in Planning and Resource Management.” Premier Coal

“My retention is greater than other computer courses due to clear logical steps. Use for Planning of Resources and Shutdown.” John Waddell

“Gave great info – and lots of info. I found the whole course useful.” James McGregor

“Very good and well presented. Good volume of training in the two days; very informative!”

Very pleased I decided to attend. Excellent content delivered with pace to cover a lot of ground.” Alard Russell

“Great course! Exceeded my expectations! My main gain was that it opened up a career path for me by providing a broader understanding of formal side of project management.” private.

“Course was very good and I will be immediately able to implement skills to daily work in Planning, Tracking and Client communication.” Northerly Group

“Great course – Agenda flow was good, logical and easy to follow. Brett’s presentation, explanations and pace was great (Clear + Concise).” Adam Walters, Emmerson Resources

The course was delivered from a Base of Knowledge & better still – EXPERIENCE. Well paced and informative – Tracking and Budgeting.” Ross Kember, BEC Engineering

“Excellent and Informative for Planning and Tracking.” 3B Build

“Very good course. Very relevant. Will recommend it to Kim who should have come. Tracking and Planning will be just what the doctor ordered.” Jason Keane, Cardno BEC

“Practical and hands on course, very relevant to the specifics of my work. Great materials to take away.” Sarah Evans, Dept. of Water

“My knowledge before the course was very limited. I leave with a greater understanding and knowledge to use this package. I can build programs from nothing and benefit from cost tracking.” Redpath Australia

“Excellent. Very practical and suitable for Tracking, Budgeting and Resourcing purpose. This course is  the Industry Leader – I’ve been to many and they don’t compare.  Thanks.” Clinton, Interquip.

“I find it well paced and very useful. It was well presented and enjoyable. Thanks.” Starr Structures

“Excellent. Thorough and very easy to understand. Will be sending more of our staff to do the course.” Ross Cooperwhite, 3B Build

“Great learning – Step by Step Practical Workout. Useful for Planning, Tracking, Budgeting and Resource Management.” Fulton Hogan

“Great – learnt heaps more doing this course in Tracking and Planning.”

“Very helpful, learnt what not to do anymore when using the programme.”

“Great course – very helpful and informative. At the right pace and lots of hands on help. Use for Tracking and Planning.” Roger, Extrin

“Overall Great Relevant Content, Clear delivery. Enjoyed it.” Northerly Group

“I found the course extremely beneficial in Planning, Tracking, Budgeting, Resourcing and particularly Client Communication. It was well designed and organised and easy to follow with all the help on hand.” Ashleigh, Siemens Australia Ltd

“Very comprehensive with practical examples of how this software can be applied to real world situations.” Matthew Rologas, Youth Focus

“I found it to be an excellent insight into the potential of MS Project. I look forward to applying the software in my day to day work.” James Groom, Nicheliving

Very informative. It sets the base and foundation for improved project implementation on site. Useful for more effective planning of onsite mechanical shutdowns.” Don Woods

“The Presenter knew alot and had good knowledge to back it up. It will be useful in my HSE Planning.” Clarence Fernandes, HSE Advisor, Contraflow

“Excellent course… for Planning and Resource Management.” Siemens

“Thanks for everyone’s patience. And Brett’s calm, concise demeanor makes a fantastic learning environment.” anon.

“Great course – good pace. Perfect for 1st time user. I found the Critical Path useful and seeing areas that will push project past deadline.” anon

“This is the best course with good language and practical learning.” anon

“Good content, well presented. Useful in Asset Management, project tracking.” BGC Modular

The course was run effectively and it was extremely informative. In addition to Planning, Tracking, Budgeting, and Resource Management, it will also increase my confidence when communicating with colleagues and clients.” KMC Group

Great course. Very useful in many different facets. Good for job tracking, people and resource management.” Glen, Triplicity Constructions

“Well presented. Informative. One of the best course I’ve done in a long time. Thank you. Useful in my role for Planning, Tracking projects and support feedback to challenges.” Liam, BMW

“Very interesting and enjoyable.” Nic Ellis, Linkforce

“Good course. Learn plenty for running shuts and setting up plans with the Gantt Chart.” Steven, Linkforce

“Great presenter – Good knowledge of project software. Useful tool – plan work projects and personal projects, become more organised.” Jermaine

“Good information & hands on approach. 10/10 Great for tracking where projects are at. Good for keeping track of budget.” Kimberley Training Institute

Really well structured. Good people skills and communication. Great interaction. Useful for beginners or those who have experience.” Simone, Kimberley Training Institute

“Extremely interesting and well presented. Brett and David was very patient and helpful.” Kimberley Training Institute

“Met my expectations. Knowledgable. Presenters made learning easy. Learned many new skills! Fantastic.” KTI

“EXCELLENT!!! One of the best courses I have ever been on.” Andrew Coopes, BMW

“Very insightful and very well presented to make learning easy. Great help and support throughout the two days.” Brett Chappell

Great practice at applying Project Management to the real world.” Anna

“Really useful for Planning Tracking and Budgeting.”

“It was a well structured course which enabled me to validate what I learnt and extend my knowledge to a competent level of operation within my office setting. Useful for Budgeting, Resource Management and Planning.” Louise Davenport

“Excellent. Built on my existing basic skills and showed me great ideas/tips to improve my current plans.”

“The course was full of information and covered all the basics that I need to know in building the Gantt Chart.”

“Felt I learned alot of useful tips and was a very pleasant course. One of the best I have been on in years.” Ian Griffin

“Very well presented. Easy to understand. All questions answered and explained.”

“Excellent. Good course material with very good tuition. Very Useful.” Kayne, AME PL

“Very informative with a very wide application especially in the Construction industry.” Roland, Dept. of Housing

Fantastic. Brett was brilliant. Knowledge – Unbelievable. Learnt plenty as a supervisor and better understanding the schedules I receive.” Ian

“Great insight to information available to us to manage our projects effectively.” Paul Reynolds, Byblos Constructions.