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P L A N    T R A  C K   M A N A G E   -  T H E   P R O J E C T   L I F E C Y C L E

1-Day Microsoft Project Comprehensive

Learn proven methods and approach from an experienced Project manager


We demonstrate our approach to Scoping/Resourcing/Costing the Plan

  • Follow our effective approach to developing a project schedule. We have designed a project that includes Scoping (Tasks), Resourcing and Costing of a real life project


We'll show you how to Track Progress accurately

  • Learn to Track your project quickly and effectively to keep you program accurate and relevant throughout the project
  • Demonstrate Delays and EOTs

Critical Path

How to Find the True Critical Path

  • How you identify the Critical Path
  • How you use the Critical Path to Better Manage your Project

Resource Management

Determine the Manning and Material Requirements of the Project

  • Learn how to manage your resources optimally. Identify exactly where resources are over-allocated and how to resolve resource allocation issues

Analysing and Communicating your Plan

Analyse the Schedule and Communicate Project Requirements to the Team

  • Analyse Project – Who does what and when, Look ahead reports
  • Prepare Milestone reports, Cashflow reports, Summary level reports

Plus More...!

  • By the end of the day you will be building a Robust Project Plan from Scratch!

Work with a real life project that includes Scoping (Tasks), Resourcing and Costing

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Excellent! From someone who had no knowledge it is now a tool I understand and can use. I can now guide my team members to use the MS Project correctly.

, Construction Superintendent

The instruction was clear and informative. The subject matter was precise and on the spot, without all the information we didn't need.
I will now be able to program my specific roles/tasks and adopt the program to my job.

Chris Bridgham,, Project Manager

Simple, Concise, Easy to understand/follow. Captured everything a student needed to know about using the actual software. Gave practical uses of Planning, Estimating, Budgeting, Resource Management, Report making both for Client and Upper Management

Donnel Contrano, Project Engineer

It’s a very helpful course in today’s construction and mining industry – for Building Construction Programme, Project Management and Tendering

Santosh Durshetty, Construction Manager

Suitable for Beginners & Experts - Learn our Unique Approach

S T A N D O U T   L I K E   A   P R O J E C T   P R O F E S S I O N A L

2-Day Microsoft Project
Comprehensive + Extension

Includes Microsoft Comprehensive Course

  • PLUS advanced strategies to boost your productivity, results and analysis capability with Microsoft Project

Program Checklist

Our 5 Point Program Checklist for a Robust Project Program

  • Run these Integrity Checks before your Program is ready to be Implemented

Structure Complex Programs

  • For complex projects which require more detail and accuracy, eg. Construction Programs, Shutdowns or Contract schedules, we provide a recommended outline and structure to detail your program.
  • Record Scope Variations, Demonstrate impact of Change and Substantiate EOT Claims

Advanced Calendars

  • Complex calendars for Rosters, FIFO Night Shifts, Shutdowns, 24hrs.

Earned Value Reporting

Advanced Critical Path

  • Find Critical Paths to Separable Portions

Manage Multiple Projects

Combine Your Entire Knowledge Across Multiple Projects.

  • We incorporate your entire knowledge of building project plans and insert multiple projects into one Master Project.
  • Analyse and Manage Multiple Projects across your organisation, create a combined resource pool and review your total projects requirements or whole of business requirement.
  • Analyse your projects. Identify any Project Constraints, Resource Quantities, Task and Resource Costs, Project Work requirements and man-hours

Plus More...!

  • Track and Report Project progress
  • How to produce a Cost Schedule for clients and for quotation purposes
  • Customise Microsoft Project to your specific Business requirements

Backed With Real Life Industry Examples That Easily To Your Workplace

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Microsoft Project Training

Training Room
Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace Perth, WA 6000 Australia 08 9206 3111

Can't make it to the classroom?

GET our Microsoft Project Online Training Course:

  • Our Microsoft Project Comprehensive Course
  • Self Paced Microsoft Project Training Videos
  • Over 5 Hours of Step by Step Training
  • Full set of Manuals with Screenshots
  • Industry Leading Techniques in Tracking and Updating Projects
  • Learn to Build Robust Project Programs
  • Knowledgeable support team

Watch a 90 second sample from a Current Training video!

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What Sets Our Microsoft Project Training Apart?

  • Latest Industry Training to give you a Competitive Edge
  • A Skilful trainer with the Ability to Breakdown the Complexity of Microsoft Project into Clear and Logical Steps
  • Practical Industry Knowledge - Real Case Industry Scenarios
  • A Proven Method and Approach with Microsoft Project
  • Receive Professional Advice For Your Projects
  • This training is suitable for Beginners through to experienced users of Microsoft Project who want to know how to build a functional project plan and Get more out of the software
Brett Anderson

I’ll show you the Effective Way to Use Microsoft Project to Plan and Track your Projects, Improve Business Processes and Achieve Great Project Outcome

Brett Anderson Director, Successful Projects

Microsoft Project Training

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4.8 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 37 reviews.

Good overview in MS project, useful information, well presented. I learnt how to use MS project for better scheduling/tracking of drilling programs
- Senior Exploration Geologist

Learnt best practices & efficiencies By applying the best practices it should make our schedule easier to use. Understanding the link between fields & navigating through views & tables will make us more efficient
- Shutdown Planner/Scheduler

it has shown me how to create a schedule relevant to drilling & planning programs, and takes the notes to help for activities afterwards to act as a reminder
- Project Geologist - Resources


Good overview in MS project, useful information, well presented. I learnt how to use MS project for better scheduling/tracking of drilling programs
- Senior Exploration Geologist

Learnt best practices & efficiencies By applying the best practices it should make our schedule easier to use. Understanding the link between fields & navigating through views & tables will make us more efficient
- Shutdown Planner/Scheduler

it has shown me how to create a schedule relevant to drilling & planning programs, and takes the notes to help for activities afterwards to act as a reminder
- Project Geologist - Resources

Was very helpful in upskilling me in my new role in the shut down planning team, using MS project. I’m now on the same pace as my colleagues
- Process Engineering Support - Mining

It cleared up some fundamentals, cleared up the use of groupings for print and view
- Planning Lead - Chemical

Was excellent course, found the level of detail to be spot on i.e., not too in-depth where I would get lost, and still stimulating enough where I was able to learn handy tricks To understand more of the icon functions on the ribbons. And understand correct scheduling techniques. Yes, correct scheduling which will mean less headaches during execution 9/10
- Maintenance Scheduler - Mining

Pace & quantity of material was great, for a new user it was easy to follow
- Project Manager - Local Govt-Engineering

Very polished. Real Coffee is a good idea I now understand how to use project properly and produce high quality project plans correctly using projects functionality 10/10
- Process Control Specialist

Excellent course given by Brett. Brett made it very easy and interesting. Awesome!! The pace was as per the audience's desire.
- Mish, Grad Engineer

I'm glad that I did MS project it was pretty impressive. The Brett wealth of knowledge in MS project. He explained every step excellent way. I'm confident that this knowledge will support in my future role.
- Paresh Gujjar

great for Project Management!

It will increase the efficiency of projects and improve our overall system as the company grows bigger
- Simone Anderson

The course will allow me to more accurately Track and Manage Projects. It will further improve our company’s image through the proper management and presentation of Project Schedules. Great clear presentations. Great content and delivery. Engaging lecture style.
- Project Engineer

Very thorough + practical, gives a great overview of the software with real use examples.
- Paul Isaac

The course has helped me in better understanding the relations in between the programme and the budget.
- Dorothy Fu

Very effective grounding on project. It embed knowledge and ensuing efficiency of the tool
- James

I found the presentation of the course very good for my first experience for an online course. is thier an advance course on line
- Sam Martino

The training was 5 star. It covered all the areas that I needed to get up and running with MS Project. The logical breakdown between tasks,sub-tasks and resourcing was first class. With these steps clearly defined the more advanced aspects to MS Project such as critical path analysis made complete sense. I recommend these courses without hesitation.
- Paul Sabatino

Course was well run, organised, informative and facilitators were very knowlegable. Completion of this course now gives me the confidence to operate Microsoft Project Software.
- Gavin Main

Thanks for the training and your patience - it was well delivered and Brett did a great job. Cheers

Very efficient and practical training. I have been a MS Project daily user for a few years and this one day training has clarified many doubts and show many faults in the way I have been using the software. Specific benefits I am applying immediately are: - Basic understanding of Views and Tables. This is not intuitive in the software and it is essential for taking advantage of the software potential. - Tracking. (approach the information gathering with the 4 questions and let the software do the work). I have been doing this incorrectly so far. - Use of resources and understanding of the 3 different types. - Use of the organiser to share formatting and customised tables. Also, the handed notes and Exercises are comprehensive and easy to understand and follow. Still lots of practice required to become a proficient user. Thank you!
- Joaquin Gelvez

My objectives were to refresh my knowledge of MS Project and learning new tracking methods. I found the course useful and all my questions were answered clearly during the course.
- Stephanie

I found it was very well structured and closely related to industry practices. I now understand scheduling and tracking in Microsoft Project. It was well taught and will assist a lot in my present role and future roles.
- Temporary Equipment Coordinator, Oil and Gas

Very Good introduction to Microsoft Project, showing very clearly what the software has to offer. Excellent connections were made throughout the course to practical situations. I am very excited to start using the approach that was presented
- Project Leader, Minerals Processing

This course was communicated in the best possible way. Instructions were clear and to have a second instructor was helpful and kept the class moving at a good speed. It should give me the capabilities ive been chasing and I was very happy with how to operate the product at the conclusion of the course.
- Chris Bridgham supervisor

Fantastic course with real life examples for each segment. I finally understand how to properly track my projects. Until now the plan was something I did at the beginning of the project and never updated… now I have the skills to assess and amend the plan throughout the entire length of the project. What a lifesaver!
- Katie, Training Coordinator

Excellent course , trainer is very knowledgeable in this field
- Fabian, supervisor

Good course to give you confidence in using the program
- Pieter, Project Engineer

I like the Step by Step approach. It gave me confidence in assessing contractor native files and the ability to create own programs
- Sarah Corderoy, Architect

Very good pace. Excellent samples. Everything I needed in building a program has been covered.
- Peter Downey, Operational Manager

Great Presentation! The course shows the key elements of Microsoft Project and how they should be used and avoided in some cases. I have gained a better understanding of Microsoft Project. In particular the information about using views and tables will be very useful in my role.
- Project Coordinator, Local Government

I have learnt much more functionality and can't wait to apply what I have learnt. Great course content and well delivered, from novice to experienced user, everyone was engaged.
- Senior Project Officer, Training

The course exceeded my expectations and I can now easily use MS Project to manage multiple Projects.
- Airport Commercial Coordinator, Local Government

Today's experience was excellent. It was a great introduction and has given me lots to go and play with. I have a much better understanding of Microsoft Projects functionality and I am now able to plan, track and report much more efficiently.
- Arid Lands Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy

What an excellent approach to teaching. I wanted to learn from scratch how to improve current practices of using project. I have definitely achieved this and can now schedule and report on projects better. I can make people accountable and clearly see impact of delays.
- Manager Infrastructure Development, Local Government

I enjoyed the course. It was a well thought out process to get all steps in course across. I needed help with laying out projects and get a better understanding. It will help a lot in my role and hopefully for future roles moving forward.
- Project/Site Supervisor, Mining/Iron Ore

Yes! Tracking and Recording the Correct Way! I now understand Tracking more thoroughly and what/how to record for EOT’s and Delay claims. Great to have examples from the industry that I could relate to.
- Project Manager, Civil Construction

I’ve been using MS Project for years and largely incorrectly for all this time! Very happy to have attended this training. Learnt to use Tables, Views, Filters, Tracking properly
- Course Attendee

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