Read testimonials from Microsoft Project Training students


“Well presented and interactive. There was appropriate time taken with the delivery of the course content, not just flying through quickly. I am now much more confident going forward with a program that is new to me.” Contract Administrator, Pact Constructions

“Very informative and well presented with additional help given as required” Bryan Lewis, Pact Constructions

“Great information on Microsoft Project showing very clearly what the software offers and how to make the best use of it. Excellent connections were made throughout the course to practical situations. I’m very excited to start using the approach that was presented” Project Leader, Research in Minerals Processing

“The course was very helpful and had clear instructions. I’m now going to apply what I have learnt today into fixing the problems in the current projects I am working on.” Project Admin, NuLook Homes


“Well delivered, enthusiastic and professional. The course was very relevant to local government” Executive Manager of Development, Shire of Northam

“The course provided a good foundation for understanding how the program is able to be used. I gained a much better understanding of resource management in Microsoft Project” Project Manager, Shire of Northam

“The material presented has opened up my eyes to the power of Microsoft project” S Budd, Endeavour Mining

“I thought it was very good. I learnt a lot and will be able to use it in everyday tasks” Gavin Armstrong, Contract Admin

“The course was very well structured and closely related to the industry practices. It was very well taught and will assist me a lot in my present and future roles in the oil and gas and construction industries” Hassan, Woodside Energy


“I found the course to be informative and easy to follow. It has assisted me with new skills which I can bring across to my business” Commercial Administrator, UGL

“Very well structured and it was easy to follow. The course has enabled me to look forward and plan an upcoming project” Manufacturing Specialist (Project Advisor), Australian Red Cross Blood Service

“The Course gave me a more holistic view of Microsoft Project as well as a better general understanding” Offshore Quality Technical Assistant, Inpex

“Great course, it was very thorough and I learnt a lot. I have gained a better knowledge of Microsoft Project and how to track jobs” Director, Roberts Plumbing and Contracting

“It has been an excellent 2 days. The content was relevant and well delivered and presented. My expectations have been met and I will be using this information to help standardize and ensure consistency within my team” Construction Manager, CPD Group


“I think that the course was very well run and very detailed. It gives me a very good knowledge of Microsoft Project” Scheduler, Construction and Mining

I found the course to be very interactive with working examples which helped to make the information easier to remember. I can now put a program together myself correctly and not fall into the traps of incorrect reporting” Contract Administrator, Pact Construction

“The material was easy to follow and relevant. I can now use Microsoft Project as a tool for tracking projects and resolving disputes” Contract Administrator, CPD Group

“Very helpful on my current work and relevant to scheduling works in the future” Project Engineer, Mining/Construction


“I found the course extremely beneficial in Planning, Tracking, Budgeting, Resourcing and particularly Client Communication. It was well designed and organised and easy to follow with all the help on hand.” Ashleigh, Siemens Australia Ltd

“Very comprehensive with practical examples of how this software can be applied to real world situations.” Matthew Rologas, Youth Focus

“I found it to be an excellent insight into the potential of MS Project. I look forward to applying the software in my day to day work.” James Groom, Nicheliving

Very informative. It sets the base and foundation for improved project implementation on site. Useful for more effective planning of onsite mechanical shutdowns.” Don Woods


“The Presenter knew alot and had good knowledge to back it up. It will be useful in my HSE Planning.” Clarence Fernandes, HSE Advisor, Contraflow

“Excellent course… for Planning and Resource Management.” Siemens

“Thanks for everyone’s patience. And Brett’s calm, concise demeanor makes a fantastic learning environment.” anon.

“Great course – good pace. Perfect for 1st time user. I found the Critical Path useful and seeing areas that will push project past deadline.” anon

“This is the best course with good language and practical learning.” anon

“Good content, well presented. Useful in Asset Management, project tracking.” BGC Modular

The course was run effectively and it was extremely informative. In addition to Planning, Tracking, Budgeting, and Resource Management, it will also increase my confidence when communicating with colleagues and clients.” KMC Group


“Excellent information. Everything taught was very useful.” Klete, Linkforce Engineering

“Really good! Very Beneficial. Will help me with my Estimation – assigning resources, linking items, finding out estimated costs and duration times.” Kasey Martyn

The best thing I learnt was the “Insight to information available to us to manage our projects effectively.” Paul Reynolds, Byblos Constructions

“Excellent course. Will help my every day work structure and resource management” Bryson Wernick, Environmental Industries

“Well Presented and Informative. Will help me with Resource allocation, Tracking and Cost Analysis.” Matt Dixon, Drilline

“Course well provided with a large amount of practical tasks. Very useful for the resource costs and cost forecasting.” Karen Byrde, Australian Maritime Systems

“Fantastic. Brett was brilliant. Knowledge – Unbelievable. Learnt Plenty”. Ian

“Very Stimulating. Well Presented. Good Team” Andrew


Extremely informative, Well planned & Well paced. Clearly explained in an appropriate level of detail. Brett was engaging, helpful & supportive. He has outstanding knowledge of this product! I found it useful for Tracking, Planning, Projecting, Resource & Budget Management, Communication/Reporting, Analysing & Challenging programmes from others.” Rhiannon Hosking, Broome

“This course WILL help me keep my finger on the pulse in all my projects!” Peter Varelis, SJ Shire

Electrician Geoff will find it useful for “Planning and Tracking Jobs/ Resource Management / Labour and Vehicle Management”

I have sat 3 MS Project Course over the last 3 months – By Far the Best – Keep up the Good Work.” Jake Poka, CPC Engineering

“Very helpful. I will use for quoting and time line/ time management.” Dan, DB Contracting


“The instructors were very knowledgeable and the information presented was both practical and easy to understand.” Jon, Myaree

“It was a very comprehensive introduction into MSP. I was very impressed with the professionalism, detail and passion of staff…Useful for Planning, Scheduling, Tracking, Resource management, Stakeholder management, Auditing of other’s plans!!!”

“I thought the course was excellent and loved the presentation and step by step course outline.” anon

EXCELLENT! 1 of the better training courses I have attended. Well presented and supported… Useful for Planning resources, Scheduling workloads, Resource management, Tracking progress.” Craig Bolger

“Very helpful and constructive for our current work situation.” Jan Weber/Ottoway Sino Iron Cape Preston

“Well structured and methodical approach. Made it easy for me to understand.” anon

“Very precise, very focussed on correct and useful info. Very good teacher. Course was v-interactive.” Tejas S./Burnside, SA

It provides more than software training, it teaches how you project manage” Craig Sanford, Kwinana

“Very helpful delivery – Trainer Brett was fantastic and definitely the reason I found this course better than any other I have been to.” Tamra, Nedlands

“Very informative and on the whole easy to understand even for relative novices.” Andrew Trigwell, Welshpool

“Course was extremely well set out and provided exactly what was advertised.” Ian, Geraldton

“Course will be useful for Planning, Contract Management i.e. proof for extension of time and Client Communication. Very useful to our business.” Suzanne & Steve Burke.

“A must for anyone who is serious about using Microsoft Project properly. Well put together – Great Course – Well done!” John Linen, Mandurah.

“Very informative … useful for Planning, preparing Reports for Progress Claim and Cashflow.” Trevor Gardiner, Rockingham Beach.

Very clear, precise directions + examples. 2 presenters works very well. It is helpful to see bad practice + Best practice. It will be useful to review builder’s programmes submitted + their worth. It will also help to track builders.” Todd Doepel, Kingsley

“Very good. Covered everything I needed to know on the software and its application. I’d recommend the course to other potential members.” Aaron Mitchell, Butler

“A comprehensive course to get us underway in using this program effectively.” Phillip Smith, Champion Lakes.

“This will improve my performance, and organisation in presentation to the customer.” Brian Higgins, North Coogee.

“I think you guys were terrific in your ability to cover all statuses … Clearly cutting principles … using for planning, tracking, communication with senior management and subcontractors.” John Farrelly, Fremantle.

“Very comprehensive and with more use will be a very valuable tool …  use for planning and tracking” Julian, Dampier.

“Finally I will be able to make sense of planning. Excellent course!” Jon Farmer, Myaree

“Great course to set you off on the right way to use the program and plan projects.” Mark, Waikiki

“Very well presented. Feeling confident that I’ve been shown every aspect of the program. Will use for Planning, Tracking, Resource management and Client communication” Reif Spano.

“Huge amount of useful info and tips. Very intense. Great for Planning/Project Management” Tony Lemmon, Parkwood.

“Thorough and in depth. Use in Planning, Tracking and Resource Management” Tristan Larnar, Ardross.

You’ve convinced me I was being taught in a wrong way.” Tony Featonby, Karratha

“The project training is well structured from fundamentals to advanced stage. Will use for Project Planning, Tracking and Reporting in resources and cost allocation.” Pragnesh, St James.

“Well planned. Concise and focused on areas of knowledge. Excellent best practise education. Useful for Planning, Tracking and Budgeting.” Linden Quin, Coogee

“Very informative and provided all of the necessary groundwork required to start using the program and building it up. I will definitely be recommending it.” Natalie, Success.

“I liked the course and format. This has helped and clarified a lot of issues with Project.” Gary

“Excellent stuff! to learn from basics to most advance levels…” Ruddy Tandon

Brilliant! It was informative & easy to understand. I feel I can utilise the program fully to my companies advantage. I plan on using all sections of the program and operating all resource management through it.” Jennifer Goodall, Cape Burney.

“Great ‘crash course’ to get immersed quickly into Microsoft Project. All segments built nicely off each other.” South Perth.

“Covered alot of ground without losing attention – Well programmed!” Appreciate the “Do’s and Don’ts for staying out of MS Project trouble. Avoiding Pitfalls.” Brad, Karratha

“I found your Microsoft Project course both challenging and enlightening…the content challenged me to think about problems in a new light and gave me the tools to solve them in ways that gave me much more comprehensive control than my previous, piece-meal solutions…. thank you!” Marion Pathey-Johns

“The course is well structured and covers the full spectrum of scope Microsoft Project is capable of. The course is intensive but achievable. The notes for each unit are concise and a practical reference.” Charles Stanger

Course was well run. Had a great time. It has made my job alot easier and more efficient. Thanks team.” Gavin Satie.

“I really enjoyed the course. You guys have alot of knowlege and explain things very well. Thanks.” noname.

“Well presented with good support throughout. Will recommend to others in the industry.” Luke Yaksich, Geraldton

“Found multi-presentation great. Kept course Alive and Flowing.” Tony Wilkinson.

“Excellent Teaching – you guys work well together.” Kevin.

I found Brett’s delivery of course content exceptional easy to follow, and provided me with clear understanding of the programs capability.” Claire Kellock, Atwell.

“Having never used MS Project, I feel I can use this program with a bit more practice, to its Full potential.” Paul, Highgate.

Defeatly more confident and really happy with the course notes supplied. Extremely insightful. Have worked with MSP in the past but will now restructure my approach when I start a new project.” D Hayes

“Great presentation…Perfect numbers for the class size/tutor ratio.” Peter Greenway, Woodvale.

“Good clear presentation. Individual assistance A+ Instructor allowed questions.” Parrish Smith, Cottesloe Beach.

Appreciated the hands on assistance by Louise each time I faltered. I was new to the software and now can use this with some confidence.” John Mackenzie, Sorrento.

“I learnt more in this 4 day course than a years worth of TAFE !” Katrina.

“Excellent course – quipping participants to plan their new project efficiently.” Anna, Mullaloo

Having 2 people presenting was good because you can get help at your PC without slowing down the class.” Colin Beattie

“Very useful and practical.” Chula Perera

“The pace and the content were amazing. I can’t believe how useful this tool is.” Adam Rossiter

More Redskin lollies, less Kool Mints.” Sebastian

“Excellent Facilities and Staff.” Neil

“Great course, very practical, very much appreciated.” Jason McLachlan.

“Direct Focus and Practical examples.” Monika Lee

Informative. Step by Step guidance. How to apply Microsoft Project to real construction planning.” Nia Hartono

“Was a great eye opener into a new area for me.” Richard Backshall

“Informative. Good Class Participation.” Claire McAlinden

“Liked the speed of the course with the large range of topics covered in depth.” Seamus McAlinden

“Lecturers very helpful.” S Blaxell

Went in depth to areas where important. ie Tracking.” Quentin

Cuts the Chase.” Marko

“I like the cover of the proram. Instructors helpful.” David Stevens

“Instructors Energy and Knowledge.” Charles Stump

Wow! I really enjoyed this course. Material was interesting and very easy to follow. I know this is what I want to do. I benefited from understanding the critical path, setting it up in the program and concentrating on those items more. I never used tracking before but will start now. And I like the way you keeping it simple.” Bonni-Lee Bennett, Thornlie

“Very useful and practical. Learnt a lot in Planning and Tracking. I had major problems before but now I will save time and energy.” Nicholas, Radlink Communications

“Excellent course! Tutor very clear with help given when required and questions encouraged. Planning, Tracking and Resource Management very useful”

“Fantastic! Really informative in Planning, Tracking, Budgeting and understanding the key component of Project Management” Chee, Thinc.